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PowakStick™ Super-Tape

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Quality tested


Our PowakStick™ Nano technology is tested to hold over 1kg (2.2lbs) 

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Transparent and Reusable

Our PowakStick™ tapes can be easily cut, washed and reused. It is  transparent and will leave no residue or marks and will never cause damage  

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Non toxic- Safe for children and pets

Our tape is Non-Toxic and Eco-Friendly . PowakStick™ tape is designed for a home environment with  kids and pets. When you're done with it, it can easily be recycled

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Can’t believe it actually works as described. Liked the product so much that I have just orders two more as a back up. It holds everything and never damages my walls. Excellent 

David S

I love them! These work phenomenally. Been using them for weeks, once washed they are as sticky as brand new. Very good quality thick and sticky enough, so perfect!

Jane A

 I use it to stick photo frames of my children around the house. Its really practical and so strong, After you take it off there is no trace of it on the walls. I really recommend buying it 

Alice P